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BLEND BATH TIME Honey Scent 20g

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The daily routine of taking a bath. It may look the same, but no two days are the same, so why not blend bath salts to suit your mood?
2 Sachets for 1 bath session. Pick your favorite scent and blend!
●Honey scent.
●Mix 2 Sachets (40g) in your hot tub water for a color and scent change!
★Sample Combination Pattern Usage
・Honey + black tea = honey tea aroma
・Honey + lemon = honey lemon aroma
・Honey + milk = honey milk aroma

1 Sachet is 20g per packet.(40 g required per bath.)

【Bath cosmetics】

Sodium sulfate, silica, water, ethanol, DPG, fragrance, yellow 5

【How to use】
Add 2 Sachets (40g) of this series product to a bathtub water (about 200 liters), stir well and take a bath.

【Cautions for use】
・Note that the bathtub will be slippery.
・Consult a physician if you have any skin or physiological problems.
・Discontinue use and consult a physician if you notice any skin rash, redness, itching, irritation, or other skin problems during or after use or when exposed to direct sunlight.
・This product is not edible. If a large amount is swallowed, drink water or other measures and seek medical advice.
・This series can be used together only in the "Mix and Enjoy Bath Remedy". Do not use this product in combination with other Bath Remedies (except this series product).
・Do not use for any other purpose than bathing.
・In areas where the chlorine concentration in tap water for disinfection is high, the color of the hot water may change slightly, but this does not affect the quality.

【About bath tub and reheatable bath tub】
・This product does not contain sulfur, which can damage bathtubs and reheatable bath tubs.
・Drain the hot water as soon as possible after use, and wash off any stains with bathroom detergent. Do not leave the product unattended, especially if the powder adheres directly to it. Over time, the color may become harder to remove.
・Do not use on marble, wood, enamel tubs or 24-hour baths.

【Concerning Leftover Hot Water】
・Can be used for washing. However, use clean water in the following cases.
(1) rinsing (2) finishing with fabric softener (3) soaking (4) when washing freshly grated clothes (5) when washing with detergent for washing fashionable clothes
・Do not use for watering plants.

【Care in Storage】
・Keep out of reach of children.
・Do not place in high temperatures, high humidity, or in sunlight.
・Use immediately after opening.

Individual package size:85x125x2mm
Package weight:約20g
Content by volume:20g
Made in Japan

【Case QTYs:20x20】【Manufacturer:SANTAN Co.,Ltd.】